How to pack
Choose the packaging
Choose a suitable box.
Use a strong box to pack the parcel. Soft, dilapidated boxes can break during transportation and will protect the contents of the parcel from possible damage worse. You can use the box for moving, buy it at the post office or use store packaging boxes, but always in excellent condition. For an additional fee, you can order a box from the selected courier service. Write about the need for a box of the right size in the comments to the order.
If there are stickers, markings, old addresses on your box, remove them to avoid confusion in the courier service warehouse and during transportation. Instead of a box for non-fragile contents, you can use sweat bags or ordinary plastic bags, firmly sealing them. Do not use rag bags for packaging. Courier services provide a postal package for free. Ask for the package in advance when placing an order in the comments.
Put the documents in your envelope or request an envelope from the courier service in the comments to the order. The envelope is provided free of charge.
Pack the contents
To protect the contents of the parcel and fill the free space, put foam rubber, kraft paper or bubble wrap in the box, depending on the fragility of the contents. We recommend putting a minimum of 5 cm of filler layer. Each layer of filler is an additional layer of protection.
In advance, put inside one copy of the invoice and other accompanying documents (if available) in case of customs inspection of the contents of the parcel. Securely close the lids, joints and corners of the box with a wide adhesive tape or a special packaging tape. Do not use a rope to pack the parcel! It may break during transportation.
For greater safety and protection from damage and moisture, tightly wrap the box with food or stretch film and secure it with tape.
Measure and weigh your parcel
When everything is packed, weigh and measure your parcel (length, height, width). Each shipment undergoes a control weighing and measurement in the warehouse of the courier service. If it turns out that the parcel is heavier or larger than the one specified when making the application, an additional fee will be charged from the sender.
Do not weigh or measure only the contents of the parcel separately from the package. The weight and dimensions of the parcel are the weight and size of the shipment together with the outer packaging.
Prepare the accompanying documents
Print out two copies of the invoice for the parcel. The invoice is saved in your personal account, and also automatically comes to the email address specified during registration.
Sign both copies of the invoice. Attach one copy in a file or a transparent pocket for sending. On the second stage, the courier will sign for the receipt of the shipment, this copy remains with you. We recommend that you clearly duplicate the address and contacts of the sender and recipient with a permanent marker on the box or the outside of the package.
If you need to attach an invoice or other accompanying documents for the contents to the parcel, securely attach them to the box or the outside of the package in a file or a special pocket.