You can send anything that is not prohibited by law and is not included in the list of restrictions.
With you can find a courier for sending personal items, copies of documents, original documents (acts, contracts, statements, powers of attorney), choose a transport company for sending industrial goods, wholesale goods.
Carefully read the list of prohibited items for transportation. Some couriers will not only refuse to transport you, but may also charge a fine for attempting to transport dangerous cargo. Below are the most common items that are prohibited for transportation and shipment:
• Weapons and explosive materials • Flammable and radioactive substances • Aerosols, sprays, and other products marked “flammable” (including perfumes, etc.) • Narcotic substances • Dietary supplements prohibited in the country of departure and receipt • Medicines without a prescription • Alcohol • Cigarettes and tobacco products • Money (including bank cards without a certificate of lack of funds) • Documents (passport) • Plants • Animals • Meat products • Perishable products • Homemade pickles, jams • Any products without branded packaging and labeling